Attack Rebel Lt. Cruiser

Mission 1.5

Lead an attack on a Rebel cruiser. You’ll fly an Assault Gunboat against A-wings, B-wings and X-wings. Strip away the cruiser’s fighter defenses before the final attack by Imperial forces!

Mission five is the first time you get to play around with hyperdrives and shields flying the Assault Gunboat. Shields give you a huge advantage over the fragile early TIE series of starfighters and allow you to absorb a large amount of damage before you’re destroyed. They’re not the be all and end all however, and its still good practice to be careful!

You face a wide range of rebel fighters; fast moving A-Wings, heavy B-Wings and the famous X-Wing for good measure. Dogfighting against nimble A-Wings is not what Assault Gunboats were designed for, but the addition of concussion missiles to your load out helps level the playing field.

Once the cruisers fighter screen is destroyed the primary mission is over. The second wave of rebel fighters, X-Wings and A-Wings with advanced missiles proved too much. Six times I tried to complete the bonus objective of destroying five X-Wings but it was a bridge too far.

Outpost D-34 Has Fallen

Mission 1.4

Recapture an Imperial base that has fallen to the Rebels. You will fly a TIE Interceptor against X-wings, Y-wings and Escort Shuttles. Show the Rebels that no victory of theirs will remain unreversed!

Mission four. It seems the rebels took the opportunity to attack and capture platform D-34 whilst we were off disrupting the meeting in the previous battle. The Modified Frigate Fogger returns to the platform to find rebels looting D-34 for supplies. This travesty cannot stand!

This time you’re piloting the sublime TIE Interceptor. Faster and more deadly than the TIE Fighter, the Interceptor has quad laser cannons and a complement of concussion missiles. Entirely necessary when facing the excellent A-Wing sent into battle by the Alliance.

The fast and manoeuvrable A-Wing is not the only danger you face in this battle. Escort Shuttles also make an appearance. These have a rear-mounted turbo-laser making the standard match-speed tactic an inherently dangerous one. Slowing down and sitting behind an Escort Shuttle is certain death. Team work is essential. That and the speed of the Interceptor.

Whilst you’re battling star-fighters and shuttles your comrades are assigned the task of recapturing the station. Once D-34 is back in imperial hands the mission is a success.


Mission 1.3

Attack a Mugaari cargo loading area during a weapons transfer to the Rebels. You will fly a TIE Bomber against armed cargo vessels and Y-wings. Catch the Mugaari in the act of aiding the Rebellion!

Mission three bumps you out of the familiar TIE Fighter and into a TIE Bomber. This is a much slower ship than the ubiquitous fighter variant but come with large torpedo bays, perfect for the mission ahead.

That mission; destroy cargo carrying vessels belonging to the Mugaari pirates and Rebel Alliance.

Red Alert

Mission 1.2

Defend an Imperial space platform against enemy attack. You will fly a TIE Fighter against Z-95s, Y-wings and X-wings. Keep the platform safe from torpedo attacks!

Mission two puts you back in the seat of your trusty TIE Fighter in the defence of D-34 against an attack by the Rebels. You’ll engage Y-Wings and X-Wings initially and get your first taste of completing objectives for the Secret Order of the Emperor. These side mini-missions typically involve inspecting/capturing leaders of the Rebellion and in this mission the Shuttle Scutz containing Rebel Officers is the target.

You need to hold off the Rebel attack until the Imperial Star Destroyer Hammer arrives in sector.

As the Hammer arrives so do three Rebel Corellian Corvettes. Attacking these capital ships in an unshielded TIE Fighter is tantamount to suicide, but no servant of the empire should fear taking the fight to the enemies of the Emperor.

Tip: There’s a sweet spot on the corvette where you’re safe from their turbo laser turrets. Tuck in behind the engine block and you are relatively safe from harm.

Patrol Jump Point D-34

Mission 1.1

Inspect cargo vessels as they pass through an Imperial checkpoint. You will fly a TIE Fighter. Be on the alert for Rebels trying to sneak past the checkpoint!

The first mission is designed to ease you into the role of TIE Fighter pilot. Here your task is to inspect ships entering the area around D-34 for signs of rebels fleeing from Hoth. Anything suspicious is to be captured and the crew sent for interrogation.

Your adversaries are slow moving shuttles and do not provide much of a challenge.

You will soon pick up the vital skills of matching speed with targets to get in behind them and destroy them without too much effort.